Poetry Postcards

IMG_20171215_142852We are pleased to present a limited run of TEN sets of FIVE glossy postcards featuring five of the best poems (also, coincidentally, the shortest poems) from my forthcoming third poetry collection “In the Men’s Room”, tastefully super-imposed over moodily lit photographs of a replica Judas cradle (Google it) captured by the author in the Tortureum Museum of Torture in Zagreb, circa 2016.

Each card will be signed and numbered (?/10 edition, and ?/5 poem) by the author (also the designer, in this case) and they will be posted to you first-class ASAP after you make your order.

The printers have done superb justice to my wonderful design and you will be quite literally bowled over by the quality, craftsmanship, and general artistic value.

IMG_20171215_142922~2What can you do with these postcards? Well you could post them to people. You could frame them and put them on your wall/s. You could include them with your Christmas gifts as supplementary curiosities. Or use one as an unusual way to wish someone a Happy New Year. You could stick one to your work notice board or your (big American) fridge; or simply leave one in your favourite public house, public toilet, or public telephone booth.

Once you’ve bought them, I frankly don’t care what you do with them. Because I only want your money, and maybe some free advertising; and a feeling of gratification for having (however modestly) made a success of myself as an instrument of the capitalist religion that has enslaved the majority of humanity.

IMG_20171215_142933~2Let’s face it: if art itself was enough, I wouldn’t have spent painstaking hours on PhotoShop (on my knackered old laptop) tastefully arranging the text over the images with a view to commercializing it.

That said, a set of five postcards costs just £5 (+P&P) which is only marginally more than they cost to manufacture. (And when you factor in labour time… don’t get me started!) Can’t guarantee they’ll arrive in time for anything in particular. But if you like in the UK, and order before Wednesday 22nd of December, you’ll almost definitely get them before Christmas. If you order before Monday, you’ll probably get them in time to post them off to people.

The featured poems are (in alphabetical order):

1. An apology
2. Civilization, schmivilization
3. Fossils
4. Robins
5. Self-aping

You can (and definitely should) order a set here:

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Or better yet, order a set of postcards WITH a copy of both of the books we’ve published so far (“Mistaken for art or rubbish” and “Rhymes for all times” as detailed on the BUY page of this website):

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