A duck with two heads

A duck with two heads

I’ve passed through the rapids
On a duck with two heads,
Now I’m buggered if I’ll get out of bed

For a knock on the door
By a man with no ears
Who is begging in French to be fed.

I’ve defused explosive
Devices in crises,
As smoke spread and pillars crashed to the ground,

Now I won’t step aside
For a man half as wide
As the ego to which he is bound.

I’ve invented ideas
But now I’m in arrears
For I’ve lent my soul to circumspection,

And that duck with two heads
Has come back for his bread;
In his four eyes I see my own reflection.

And I don’t look too clever
And I don’t look too sure
About the balance between knowledge and joy;

His beaks are both barbed and
His four eyes look half-starved
And he remembers what I promised him


Appears in:
Mistaken for art or rubbish [2013]


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