Call for video collaborators for Has Doubts Volume Two

DOUBTISTYo! We’re publishing our second book soonish (probably next year). It’s called “Rhymes for all times“, and it’s largely concerned with history, whereas its predecessor was largely concerned with Art. Maybe the next one will be about RE, or PE, or PSHE. MAybe not.

For Volume One I had the bright idea of a series of video recitations with costume, music, a set and props etc., and an overarching narrative about the futility of trying to define art – or indeed take it seriously at all. While I have enjoyed making these videos (the first 25 of which you can watch here), they have come to be something of an albatross, and I definitely don’t want to make 33 more videos, all by myself, in a shed, for my next book. Indeed, by the time I finish the 33rd for “Mistaken for art or rubbish” (if indeed I do finish them all) I doubt even one person will be excited about watching it.

But I do want to make some videos. Videos of poets performing their work can be useful, powerful and fun things to watch. (And make, probably.)

But I don’t want to limit my next creative endeavours to my own interpretation and my own imagination. And I certainly don’t want to limit them to my own shed, 33 times in a row.

What does a poetry video look like, if it’s not shot by one static camera in the corner of a shed? Well, here are a few famous examples I know of:

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus by Jefferson Bethke

Line In The Sand by Kate Tempest

B Movie by Luke Wright

So obviously I want my videos to be better than these. And therefore a lot better than mine currently are! There are poems in my next book as good as all of the above, if not better – certainly there are poems with great potential for video interpretations. I’m not expecting 27 million views, but anything upwards of 27 would be an improvement on many of my own efforts.

I basically have no money, and while I won’t rule out suggestions that involve spending some money, you’ll want to bear in mind if you have any interest in collaborating on a video that I have no money. That’s why I’m calling it a collaboration. I guess it’s code.

I’ll definitely try and make it up to you in some way. And obviously you’ll get a copy of the new book (and the old one if you want; if you don’t have one already). Maybe I’ll buy you a drink, or some inexpensive foodstuffs. Or help you assemble some furniture or something.

There’s no deadline, but if you think you might be interested in doing some sort of artistic interpretation of one of my new poems over the next couple of years (but within the next 8 months, ideally) please get in touch at doubtist DOT books AT gmail DOT com.

I’ll send you a highly confidential folio of the poems to look at and you can work out from there which if any of them you’d like to work on.



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