Rhymes for all times

This will not be the actual cover; this was a very early draft I did when originally planning the first volume.

This will not be the actual cover; this was a very early draft I did when originally planning the first volume!

“Rhymes for all times” will be the second volume of poems in the Has Doubts series, written by ALEXANDER VELKY and published by Doubtist Books.

Its theme is history and truth, and the nature of the relationship between the two;

The volume uses allegory, autobiography, biography, history and polemic, and lots of very simplistic rhyme schemes. Just like the first vloume; only much, much better.

The collection is currently unavailable; but we are raising funds, so if you want to sponsor it, or pre-order a copy, or just give me money as a one-off gesture of foolishness, knock yourself out.

This is the running order in the current draft. Many of the poems were published in earlier draft form on Facebook or on my old Has Doubts blog. A couple are already published and available to read (follow the links). Some have never been read by anyone but their author. One or two aren’t even written:

1. My diaries
2. Ages
3. New Roman times
4. Doubt having
5. Borders
6. Benito’s great lake
7. Proof
8. The Book of Jonah
9. Kuzka’s mother
10. The information age
11. Smell memory
12. Painted horses
13. Where is the heart of Europe?
14. What nobody understands
15. Sonnets from the corners of the map
16. What really happened
17. In the Fabergé museum in Baden-Baden
18. Roads
19. Peak oil
20. Nice big war
21. Happiness will turn to sadness
22. Duncan Tanner
23. Legacy
24. Failed states
25. The Antenationale
26. Irregular sonnets for Rockall
27. Cities
28. Begging letters
29. Wisdom
30. Stains
31. John Simpson’s burka
32. Beware enlightenment
33. A rhyme for all time

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