Poem shortlisted for prize + performance imminent (#2)

One of my poems has been shortlisted in the Live Canon 2014 International Poetry Competition.

Fans of this blog (I’d make a joke like “Hi mum!” here, but I actually don’t even update this blog regularly enough to have a single “reader” as such) might note that this post is copying from last year’s template.

The poem, “Sonnets from the corners of the map”, will be performed by the Live Canon ensemble along with the other 20-odd shortlisted poems at the prize-giving event, which begins at 2:30pm on Sunday November 23 at Greenwich Theatre, in the general area of London, and is set to last till about 4pm (maybe a bit later). The overall winner will also be announced at the event. It won’t be me, because there’s no way in hell this poem is winning. No offence to it. I like it. But I wasn’t even sure it was finished. There are punctuation issues. Nevertheless, let’s continue with the copy-and-pasting from last year’s post: Nobody knows who it will be yet. If you’d like to go along and witness the poems being performed and the announcements etc., you can contact Live Canon and state your intent. I’m not sure if you have to pay (or if so how much) or whether the event is open to the general public. I’m pretty sure they’ll make room if you really fancy it and say you know me or one of the other poets. I didn’t go last year because Fury was busy not being born. But it was apparently really fun. So I deliberately didn’t impregnate my wife (or anyone else) and I am going this year.

I will be going with two of my three brothers and one of my one mothers.

All the shortlisted poems are being published in the 2013 Live Canon collection, which you can pre-order here, probably, soon. Alternatively, you can pick up a copy (for CASH) at the event.

I’m very happy to have been shortlisted, particularly for such an unusual (and, I had thought, unshortlistable) poem. I said that last year. I’ve said exactly the same thing again! If anything, I’m happier this year. If anything, the poem was more unshortlistable. (It’s four sonnets stitched together for goodness’ sake.) I can’t wait to see, one way or another, what they make of it by way of performance. (And indeed the other poems that have been shortlisted!)

The end. (But not the end.)

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