Another hairbrained scheme: a call for contributors to a podcast about RUBBISH


EDIT: This call for submissions is over. Podcast is recorded. Thank you to all who sent stuff.

Podcast idea

It’s ages since I recorded anything. And after I failed to get to another poetry open-mic night the other night – for the usual reasons, being busy, being knackered, being unprepared, it being an hour’s travel away – I had the mad idea of rekindling my interest in the art/craft of amateur podcast-recording.

But with a twist!

The twist is that this time instead of just playing mp3s of songs I like and talking over them I’d do something more literary. Something tied up with poetry and somehow relevant to the ethos of Doubtist Books. So this is what that will be. For one night only, or forever after if it goes well enough.

DOUBTISTCasting doubt on RUBBISH

I’m going to be putting together an initial show under the DOUBTCAST label as a pilot affair. I’m looking for recordings of poems, songs, short stories, anecdotes, extracts from articles or philosophical tracts, sounds/noises (if there’s a difference) and possibly interviews, miniature diatribes or jeremiads – thoughts, I suppose, like Radio 4’s “thought for the day” or “a point of view”. But you don’t have to be a rabbi or anything. And because I detest and abhor literary publications with lots of rules and no focus, there are no rules and the focus this time is “RUBBISH”. If I can get enough stuff loosely themed around RUBBISH to stitch together into a 30-minute or 1-hour long podcast by, say, the end of February, I’ll upload it and share it. If not I won’t. And if I do and it’s any good, I’ll do another one with another theme afterwards. (Suggestions welcome.)

I said there were no rules. There basically aren’t, but try and keep anything you send to under 10 minutes. Probably better if it’s 1-5 for a non-narrative poem or song or whatever, but I’m willing to wave a very floppy editorial ear in the direction of suggested material for now. I’ll consider anything short of an hour’s silence. Ideally you will have copyright of submitted material (it’ll be something you’ve made) and of course I won’t personally claim to own that (even temporarily) if it appears on a DOUBTCAST. But you should be aware that some people might count stuff being on here as a legal event. So maybe don’t send me Elton John/Metallica songs or poems/stories you’ve submitted to competitions.

Doubtist Books ethos

I’m nowhere near done with my manifesto, but the premise of my “Has Doubts” poetry collections is supposed to be a focused look at a particular human quandary (so far: art/commerce, history/truth) that aims to articulate questions. I want to extend this to the artistic approach to the podcasts. So in this instance I guess it would be questioning the established narrative of what “RUBBISH” is and what it means to us. Picking it apart. Sniffing it. Licking it. Etc. I’m willing to be open-minded with this. Part of the idea is to help inform my own idea of what art and criticism should be, rather than to collect an army of artefacts that agree with my own definitions.

That’s all. Please send stuff or it’ll just be me reading poems for an hour. MP3 format would be ideal, but I can probably work with other stuff. Sound levels unlikely to be enormously professional so the clearer and louder you can make it, the better. Don’t send me anything if you have unrealistic expectations about what will result from it. (E.g. fame, glory, money.)

Your loathsome curator,

A Velky

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