Doubtcast 1: RUBBISH


Hello. Here is the first Doubtcast, for your enjoyment.

It’s an art, culture and philosophy podcast (I think) comprising broadcast journalism, audio blogs, music, and (mainly, it turns out) poetry. It’s hosted by me, Alexander Velky, and it’s about an hour and fifteen minutes long before it trails off into copyright-free medieval dance music.

Submissions were sought via my online network, and I was genuinely impressed by the quality and variety of responses to the brief. There were so many great things sent my way that I only had to record a couple of short poems of my own.

You can listen to the Doubtcast here:

Here are a list of the composite artefacts in the order they appear:

Pull My Finger – Patrick Moore is Less [Song]
Helen Goddard – The Bin [Poem]
Daniel Patrick Quinn – A Different Kind of Mountain [Broadcast Monologue]
Julia Indelicate – Hair Roller [Poem & Music]
David Nixon – Waste [Poem]
Mark Fiddes – [Untitled Poem]
Adam Bambury – [Untitled Poem]
Simon Indelicate – Rubbish Poem [Poem & Audio Blog]
Alexander Velky – Fresh Kills / Winsel Civic Amenity & Recycling Centre [Poems & Music]
Phil “Blogley” Ogley – Beer Cans: Recycling or Rubbish? [Audio Blog]
[Anonymous] – A Rubbish Song [Song]
[Anonymous] – [Copyright free medieval dance music]

In-between the above there’s a lot of pontification on the theme of rubbish, and the directions in which the concept is pulled by each of the above artefacts.

You can contribute to future Doubtcasts here.

Further information and purchasable sundries are available from many of the contributors:

Helen Goddard
Helen’s current project, Glossary for Mums:
Helen’s collection of whodunit stories for children, Mrs Jenkins, Cat Detective:

Daniel Patrick Quinn
DPQ’s solo recordings:
DPQ’s band One More Grain:
One More Grain’s third album, Grain Fever, is out later this year.

Julia Indelicate & Simon Indelicate
Band website here, with albums, books, puppets and more:
The book Words, containing Julia’s poem:
Their Oculus Rift-compatible VR single The Generation That Nobody Remembered:
Their 5th album, Elevator Music, is out later this year.

David Nixon
David’s short story collection, Eleven New Ghost Stories:

Mark Fiddes
Mark’s poetry blog, Eden Deep:
Look out for his first collection, The Chelsea Flower Show Massacre, coming via Templar Publishing later in March.

Adam Bambury

Alexander Velky
This website has everything really. Mainly my first poetry book, “Mistaken for art or rubbish”:

Phil “Blogley” Ogley
Phil’s fantastic blog:
A choice selection of Phil’s least coherent ramblings:

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