Doubtcast 2: HISTORY – call for contributors

DOUBTISTLet’s do another one.

The first Doubtcast was a massive great steaming success, if I’m to gauge that by the responses folks have volunteered, and how closely it met my brief. (As opposed to say, spending 8 hours failing to get it on iTunes, or the influx of wad-waving corporate sponsors that didn’t amass outside my house the following morning.)

There were lovely poems, scary poems, existential poems, drunk blogs, bewildered observations, and fun postmodern songs.

So let’s do another one. About history – from the personal to the planetary.

I mean about what history is supposed to be, and what it really is, and how we experience it and understand it, and maybe don’t understand it. Not just stuff that happened in the past; the happening of stuff, the apparent happening of stuff, the effect of the apparentness of the happening of stuff, the apparentness of the happening of stuff’s effects; the events, the narratives, the biases, the syllabi, the legacies.

Let’s do it. It could be fun. I’ll condense-quote the submission page in case you’re too lazy to click a link:

“Poetry, stories, music, audio blogs, sounds, ramblings, and broadcast journalism. MP3, Wav or MP4 please. (Something I don’t have to be clever to open.) Under 10 minutes unless it’s properly amazing. Preferably something you’ve made yourself. I won’t claim copyright but others might count this as publishing. Minimal selection process/editorialising; if your submission seems to satisfactorily address the subject as requested (and there’s room) I will include it. Open mic spirit, as opposed to academic lit-pub. No time-wasters.”

Come on. Get writing. Get recording. Get emailing. I’ll announce a deadline when my playtime is half-full, but don’t hang around. The world is ending, and so is your life.

If you didn’t hear the last one have a listen. It’s good.

A Velky

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