Doubtcast 2: deadline, May 16

DOUBTISTFollowing the call for submissions for the second Doubtcast (this time on the theme of HISTORY) a few excellent recordings have trickled in: a lost-and-found song from an anonymous contributor; an imagist account of a recent hustings in Sussex; an epic prehistoric poem all the way from Brazil; a tirade against the British education system from an expat in France; and a couple of poems about a medieval monastery in Ceredigion (one of them bilingual!).

I even went out to a ruined chapel by the sea and recorded a history-themed poem from my forthcoming second book, with the help of a friend with a massive furry microphone. The sound of the waves in the background is lovely.

We need at least another 4 (preferably another 6) submissions to make a substantial (hour-long) podcast in the vein of the previous one though. So I’m setting a date to try to artificially give the project a sense of urgency. Come one, come all. Record your thoughts, be they in the form of a story, a song, a poem, an anecdote, a memoir, or anything. Anything that could feasibly be used to explore the theme of HISTORY.

You have until midnight, Saturday May 16. All being well I’ll record it the day after.

Tell all your friends. Thanks,

A Velky

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