Rhymes for all times

“Rhymes for all times” is the second volume of poems in the Has Doubts series, written by Alexander Velky and published by Doubtist Books at the end of 2015.

rfatIts theme is the uneasy relationship between history and truth.

The volume uses allegory, autobiography, biography, history and polemic to explore, to unravel, to question, to critique and, arguably, to create history.

The book was crowdfunded by a Kickstarter campaign which ran in October/November 2015.

You can read the poems and watch a couple of video performances here. If you like the look of it, please buy a copy or share a link or even consider reviewing it, depending on how you choose to spend your free time.

  1. Doubt having
  2. Ages
  3. Landskeria
  4. What really happened
  5. Irregular sonnets for Rockall
  6. New Roman times
  7. Where is the heart of Europe?
  8. Sonnets from the corners of the map
  9. Borders
  10. How days break
  11. Nice big war
  12. In the Fabergé museum in Baden-Baden
  13. Proof
  14. Rhymes for all times
  15. Painted horses
  16. Beware enlightenment
  17. John Simpson’s burka
  18. My diaries
  19. Legacy
  20. The Antenationale
  21. Failed states
  22. A voice from a bin
  23. Kuzka’s mother
  24. Roads
  25. Begging letters
  26. Tragedy branding
  27. Cities
  28. Escape to the country
  29. The old house
  30. Advertising space
  31. Stains
  32. Balance
  33. A rhyme for all time

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