“Rhymes for all times” is coming!


Me, celebrating.

I don’t often blog on here, because there’s rarely anything to say. Actually, this would be better as an email, because then people might actually see it. But I’ve become increasingly dubious about invading the personal space of people’s email inboxes for anything but really important news since Homebase started doing it to me every Friday afternoon.


As you almost definitely know, I’ve been raising funds via Kickstarter for my new book “Rhymes for all times“. It took longer than last time for me to stop biting my nails, but we’re finally at the point (with just a few days to go) where I can comfortably say “we’ve done it”. So: we’ve done it!

This is the second book. There’s less novelty this time. We didn’t get on Kickstarter’s staff picks or anything, at least partly because there’s so many people doing this nowadays. So it feels like an achievement. I’m truly grateful to everyone who’s backed – especially those who have paid more than the basic price of the book for some of the other things I’ve offered. Because without those backers, there wouldn’t be enough general interest to really get it off the ground. And I know how difficult it is spending money on things – there are so many things. And so much art, especially, that one would like to buy, and one cannot buy it all.

Having said that about the money, any interest is gratefully received. (I know how uninteresting poetry is to a lot of people! And mine’s not even the regular sort.) Many very kind people who haven’t had the inclination or the means to actually throw their hard-earned money at me have helped out by sharing the link, offering advice, and generally being supportive over the years.

Of course I think the book’s great, and of course I think it’s better than the last one. But I look forward to finding out what you think. Do let me know. My skin is thick.

We have enough money to print it now, and to launch it at a cosy little venue in London on December 1st. Please come to that if you can, whether or not you have (or want) a copy of the book. Bring a friend. There’s an open mic. Please think about doing something on that. A song, a poem, a rant an anecdote… I’m going to try and learn all the poems and everything. I’ll probably buy everyone a glass of wine. I made a mask. And a special cloak. That cost about fifty quid. (I’m no good at doing “profit”.)

Finally, if you’ve been meaning to buy a book, but haven’t yet. Do it now! Or by Monday at least! The Kickstarter project thing ends in the middle of the day on Tuesday. I will be selling the books, of course, from my website when I have them (hopefully by December when I’m launching it) but the various other rewards are for now only: the flag paintings, the honorary citizenship of my made-up country, and the companion piece I’ve just written (“Versification without occasion”) which includes a history of the book, a load of poems that didn’t quite make it in, and editorial/historical notes on all the poems that did make it in. That last one will probably appear as blog posts some day, but you’re far more likely to actually read it, enjoy it, and enrich your general experience of “Rhymes for all times” if you buy one now. And it’ll be a book, or a pamphlet at least. A thing. Things are nice. Oh yes: you can also get a copy of the first book “Mistaken for art or rubbish” for £5 (half its usual price) as part of any of the Kickstarter deals. Great for Christmas gifts, anniversary presents, bah mitzvahs, etc.

So here’s the link to the project page one last time (probably – don’t hold me to that): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/artorrubbish/poetry-book-has-doubts-vol-2-rhymes-for-all-times/

And here are all the videos so far produced for poems from the book, in the order the poems appear in the book:

There’s also a few more readings, performances, and things in-between on the update pages.

Yours, triumphantly, sort of,

A Velky

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