Rhymes for all times – launched

  1. IMG_6723Thanks very much to everyone who came down to the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon yesterday (some from almost as far away as us!) to observe the launch of “Rhymes for all times” and the declaration of the Most Serene Republic of Landskeria. It was a very special night and it was lovely to see so many friendly faces.

A year ago I wouldn’t imagine I’d be able to pull something like this off, organisationally, performatively, logistically, etc. The sympathetic and appreciative nature of the audience made it possible. As did the truly fantastic array of folk we had providing accompanying entertainment via the open mic.

Here’s the set-list, comprising both poetry sets I read and performed to varying degrees of success, helped at times by my prompt, Steven Handforth, and my DJ, Zef Cherry-Kynaston, AKA DJ Cherry Midnight:


All of the poems I read are in “Rhymes for all times” except “The second coming” which is by WB Yeats, and “Attitude: rampant” and “Scollock rath” which I’ve yet to publish, and “Please don’t fund my art”, which was in my first book “Mistaken for art or rubbish“. The music playing as I read the Yeats poem was by Rima Ymadha (AKA Oh Dear Airstrip One): http://ohdearairstripone.bandcamp.com/track/the-resurrection

Several people have asked if I can list the open mic performers and where to find them online, so here you are:

  1. Emma Hammond read a few poems from her brilliant new collection “The Story of No”:
  2. David Nixon read one of his inimitable “New Ghost Stories”:
  3. Lloyd James (of Naevus, Retarder, and many other fine bands) played two songs (one new, one old):
  4. Adam Bambury read two poems (one of which graced the soundwaves of a Doubtcast). http://www.twitter.com/adambambury
  5. Hestia Peppe read some “ficto-crit-poesy” I think – certainly something hard to define:
  6. Gaptooth played a couple of new songs from her forthcoming EP:
  7. Steven Handforth played a cover of the Robbie Williams song “Advertising Space” using the words of my poem of the same name.

I could enthuse about each of the above no end if I had more time and thought the words would do them justice. I’ll just say it was an honour to hear them all, and I hope it will not be the last time our paths cross. Some of them have contributed to Doubtcasts before; those who have not, I hope to persuade in future. Do check them out. Some are at large on social media sites and probably wouldn’t be offended if you said hi.

Finally, thanks to everyone who funded the book via Kickstarter, everyone who came to the event, and everyone who wanted to but couldn’t. Thanks to my brothers Marek and Zef for helping out, Sam and Harry for putting us up/putting up with us, and my wife Victoria for organising things and actually insisting I do the thing in the first place. Had she not, I would never have either bothered or dared.

Here’s a gallery on Flickr of photographs taken by Victoria throughout the night. Only Lloyd is missing from the open mic shots, because I stole the camera to record blurry footage of his performance of “Chairs are men”. Oops.

I’m also putting a buy-link for the new book on the site when I can remember how.


Alexander Velky

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