Doubtcast 3: FEAR


The third Doubtcast is with us. I might have made rash promises to interview my children for this one, but I was lacking some necessary hardware, and it’s already 15 minutes longer than the second one, which was 15 minutes longer than the first one. Never mind: this is the best one yet! I’m quite sure of it. The variety of stuff is just tremendous, and so is the quality. It begins with a short unpublished poem by me, and it’s all uphill from there. Well, not to say there’s a carefully arranged order of quality. Obviously the order is far more complex than that. But like any good scary movie, it builds and gathers and provides tension and anxiety. Why am I still even writing this paragraph? Must just be because of all the space on the internet. Or a fear of pressing the Enter key.

So: we have poems: imagist poems, poems about art, autobiographical poems, polemical poems, etymological poems. We have songs: acoustic ballads, gritty post-punk goth-rock, bloody death metal and haunting, terrifying noise. We also have two short stories and two audio-blogs, all with something to say about fear – or, at the very least, a place in the narrative. I don’t imagine any profound conclusions will be drawn, but the journey is sure worth taking, even if the destination is merely one hour and forty five minutes closer to your death.

As someone who works, creates, and often even plays alone, the remote collaboration involved in these things makes them a lot of fun to put together. A huge thanks to everyone who allowed me to use their work in this Doubtcast, and I hope none of you are enraged by the context in which your artefacts now appear.

You can listen to the third Doubtcast here:

This is what happens in-between the narration:

Alexander Velky – Uhtcearu [Poem]
Christopher Alcxxk – Brighton [Audio blog]
Julia Indelicate – Eschatophobia [Poem & music]
Kevin Reinhardt – Mummy [Poem & noise]
[Anonymous] – Not the hero (Boilerhouse session) [Song]
Naevus – Wrong (demo) [Song]
[Anonymous] – Vitreous humour [Audio blog]
David Paul Nixon – Glass eye [Short story]
For Humours – Hotel Borg [Music]
Mark Bowen – Defeat [Poem]
Mark Fiddes – (Untitled) [Poem]
Cadaverous Condition – Use your blood [Song]
Simon Indelicate – Cold reading: the musical [Song]
Philip Ogley – The supermarket [Short story]
[Anonymous] – [Copyright free medieval dance music]

A little about our contributors, in reverse order of appearance. (And if any of you want any links adding or taking down, please let me know.)

Philip Ogley, writer of the blog known as “Blogley”, and the short story collection known as The Sunbed of Malcolm Todd:

Simon Indelicate, of the internationally famous pop group The Indelicates – whose recent album Elevator Music has beaten the ‘70s prog AOR concept album heyday at its own game:

Cadaverous Condition, an Austrian band whose most recent album Burn Brightly Alone is probably the single extreme metal album I would recommend to any music fans, regardless of their interest in metal, extreme or otherwise.

Mark Fiddes is a poet, among other things, and is rumoured to have a debut full collection of poetry forthcoming, entitled The Division of Labour in Pin Manufacturing. Until then you can and should read his blog and his pamphlet The Chelsea Flower Show Massacre, on Templar:

The Mark that went before was known as Bowen. Mark Bowen. He’s still in Brazil, I think. But historically you cannot rely on him to remain in any one country for a very long period of time. I suspect he is a vampire. Or at least a tax exile. But he has never used my blood or laundered my money.

For Humours is a band, which I think I’m allowed to say is based in Walhtamstow? If I’m not, they’re not.

David Paul Nixon who wrote the story Glass Eye (or at least TRANSCRIBED it) has a published collection of fearful things called 11 NEW GHOST STORIES, which I can recommend, not least for the expert proofreading. Which I did.

Before him was a short piece entitled Vitreous Humour, by an anonymous commuter.

Before that, Naevus. Another of my all-time favourite bands. (Three in one podcast!) Their sole constant member is Lloyd James, but I’m sure he won’t mind me saying there have been many talented collaborators coming and going over the years. This track was a rare demo version of an early song that’s available with their debut LP Truffles of Love:

“Not the hero” was recorded right here in the Most Serene Republic of Landskeria, in the Boiler House, which is available for free amateur recording sessions with the very same cheap USB mic on which I recorded this podcast. The singer is anonymous.

Kevin Reinhardt’s poem Mummy appears in text form in his book Birdworld, published by Vintage Poison Press, along with many other great poems, and drawings, and collages, etc. You can buy his book from Amazon. I can’t find another website just now.

Julia Indelicate’s poem Eschatophobia does not appear anywhere but here as far as I know, but some of her poems – and Simon’s – are available in Words by Simon and Julia Indelicate, which is a really good collection, and also contains lyrics and lyric notes from the first few Indelicates albums.

Christopher Alcxxk has a soundcloud page (I think I said bandcamp on the podcast? Sorry Christ) which I will link to, and tweets existential dread and other sentiments from various twitter accounts which I won’t:

I was and am and will be, for a while yet, Alexander Velky. I’ve published two poetry books which have been met with distain, scorn, and – more recently – silence. Nevertheless, I will probably publish a third next year.

The next Doubtcast will be in late 2016, unless anyone persuades me otherwise.

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