Beware enlightenment

Beware enlightenment

You washed and dried your hands
Of every mystery:
Told them to solve themselves,
Sat down to take your tea,

Took time to jot down words
For each solid object,
Threw out the deities
But kept every insect

You could catch in your net
Displayed in a glass case
Buffed enough to show your
Face: bodies pinned in place.

You confidently quote
The most modish mouthpiece
For your philosophies:
Words only yours on lease,

Only prescient at
Time of going to press.
The impressions they leave
Might not for long impress.

Beware enlightenment,
With surety be not shod.
Eschew truths: an ignored
God is an angry god.


Appears in:
Rhymes for all times [2015]

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