Failed states

Failed states

Stale fates in failed states
In stalemates with hale hates.

Unequal wealth, unequal health,
Unequal rights for serfs and knights.

The worth of salt, the worth of sand;
The worst default, a dearth of land.

Today’s sorrows, desires clash;
Today’s empires, tomorrow’s ash.

The hardest reigns, the tautest chains,
The tamest beasts, northwestsoutheasts.

A chartered place, a gartered race,
A bartered lease, a martyred peace.

The seed of hope, a timely trope;
The story arcs, amusement parks.

Stale ideals on splintered wheels
On crumbling roads with weary loads.

Male mirages, entourages,
Cruel collages, brisk barrages.

Ice-cube castles, cunning vassals,
Vying currents, themes recurrent.

Policy-makers, butchers, bakers;
Signatory, death or glory.

Cattle-herder, mange and moult;
Attempted murder, rise, revolt.

Condemned creations, foiled fates,
Attempted nations, failed states.


Appears in:
Rhymes for all times [2015]

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