This will be my legacy: a…
Horrible thought to dwell upon;
Especially when drunk, I’m told.
You helped me understand – well, tried;
For dominus is domino:
Under any influence, on
Cue, on call, or on target.
Kabbalah, code-word or cross-stitch,
Your gifts in this ongoing saga.
Old bone whittled into a shiv,
Untimely blessings for to give.

Ubiquity, a milky tea,
Played its part well and made a man
You’d not recognize as your boy
Of me. I reflect all I suck
Up with these lips like fat fungi.

Rather than being what I eat, I’d
Much rather be obsolete. It’s
Up to you to grant me this, my
Mandate for murder, my sweet; so
Act keen, and curse with your kiss. You
Need me for now, I know; but four
Decades down – if I live – my death’s
Door is yours to open and close.
And, though my story’s yours to tell,
Don’t watch me while I shuffle off.


Appears in:
Rhymes for all times [2015]

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