In the Men’s Room


“In the Men’s Room” is the third volume of poems in the Has Doubts series, written by Alexander Velky.

Crowdfunding for this volume fell short in late 2018 and thus its future is uncertain. 

The theme of this book is the relationship between nature and destiny, with a specific focus on mankind’s influence on its habitats and its social structures, and on the related propensity for mankind to conflate itself with men, as illustrated in the frequent usage context of the word itself.

You can read a few of the poems and watch a couple of video performances by following links from the contents list below. The poems currently intended for inclusion are these:

  1. An apology
  2. Cantre’r Gwaelod: the ballad of the Sunken Hundred
  3. Fossils
  4. Taxonomy
  5. Spider
  6. Attitude: rampant
  7. Finally embracing my destiny
  8. Lots
  9. Thoughts on a Monday morning
  10. Natural law of diminishing returns
  11. In the Men’s Room: I
  12. Good companions, rarely blended
  13. Wearing pink
  14. Self-aping
  15. My species is endangered
  16. Dwrgi, Dwrgi
  17. Tractors turning
  18. Civilization schmivilization
  19. The blood sommelier
  20. George Monbiot’s agricultural policy
  21. New story idea
  22. In the Men’s Room: II
  23. Will
  24. Stopped by a commercial Sitka spruce plantation on a snowy evening
  25. Twitching tetraptych
  26. Big American fridge
  27. Flawed nature, perfect destiny
  28. Men
  29. Daddy
  30. Altes Schloss selfie
  31. With which eye do you see the faery?
  32. My bloody chamber
  33. In the Men’s Room: III

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