DOUBTISTDoubtcast was a series of themed podcasts made up of poetry, stories, music, audio blogs, sounds, ramblings, and broadcast journalism.

Due to the time and resources it takes to do it, and the relative priority I need to give to other things, I currently have no plans to do another one.

The idea

The premise of Doubtist and its sub-brands (Has Doubts, Doubtcast, etc.) is to try to articulate important human questions, via the medium of art. For the Doubtcast this manifests itself as questioning the established definitions and narrative of the given (one-word) subject of the podcast, via the artist’s chosen medium; whatever that may be.

The rules that there aren’t, or weren’t

  1. MP3 please. Or Wav or MP4. Just something I don’t have to be clever to open.
  2. Try and keep stuff to under 10 minutes unless it’s properly amazing. Probably better 1-5 minutes for a non-narrative poem or song or whatever, but I’m persuadable.
  3. Ideally you’ll have copyright of submitted material (it’ll be something you’ve made); I won’t claim to own what you’ve sent (even temporarily) if it appears on a Doubtcast. But if you send it to me, I’ll take that as permission to put it in the podcast and talk about it. You can remain anonymous if you want, or plug anything you have to plug by sending me links. I won’t take a podcast down once it’s gone up unless you’ve got a really good reason.
  4. Be aware that some people might count stuff being on here as a legal event. So don’t send me poems/stories you’ve submitted to competitions, or songs your record company will sue me for playing; or defamatory or libelous material, unless it’s really funny.
  5. There is no selection process as such. If you send something in and it seems to satisfactorily address the subject as requested (and there is still room) I will include it. Thus the podcast should be relatively free from editorial bias; but you can’t brag about inclusion as you might if you were published in some exclusive periodical. It’s in the open mic spirit, as opposed to the academic lit-pub spirit.

Previous Doubtdcasts

3. Fear

3. Fear






As I said above, this project is on hold. But if you want to send something in with a view to provoking me into announcing that long-awaited 4th Doubtcast, knock yourself out.


5 thoughts on “Doubtcast

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  4. Philip James Ogley

    When are you going to do Doubtcast 4? I’m ready. I was listening to History this morning while I cleaning my house, it’s good. Better than when I first listened to it. Maturer.

    1. alexandervelky Post author

      If I could remember how I made Doubtcasts I might make another some day. I enjoyed the process immensely, not least your own contributions. However, like most things I enjoy, it was very time-consuming and unpopular.


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