“Rhymes for all times” Boiler House readings
In 2016, nearly a year after launching the book with a live show in London, I finally decided to do a comprehensive chronological reading of the poems from the second Has Doubts volume in the Boiler House (formerly known as the Shed). I got halfway through. One day I might finish.

“Rhymes for all times” 2015 videos
In 2015 I decided to film a number of conceptual videos for some of the poems from my upcoming second book. The scope was far beyond what my time or talents could achieve, and I fell woefully short of the intended targets. Several lengthy projects had to be abandoned. Nevertheless, I managed five adequate videos, with a little help, and these are those.

“Mistaken for art or rubbish” Shed recordings
In 2013/2014 I memorized all (but two) of the 33 poems from my debut collection and performed them in my shed while painting a picture of the camera that was recording me.

Velky on Velky interview series for “Mistaken for art or rubbish”
In 2014 I spent literally hours recording myself interviewing myself in depth about my first book, and the negative critical response to it. This is the result: three half-hour videos, each covering 11 poems (a third of the book). To my knowledge nobody has watched this all the way through.

National Anthems Project” location recordings
The 2014-2016 multimedia arts side-project of the above name. This playlist is where I keep the odd recordings from occasions I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to the destinations that are the subject of my studies. On such occasions I persuade somebody to film me reading the relating sonnet from the board bearing the painting of the relating flag. For fun.

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